Lisa D’Este, a young reality established in 2018, has been created thanks to its founder experience of more than 30 years in the textile and fashion business with the scope of building an Innovative, Dynamic and Flexible company.

Attention to detail

Goals are a continuous research of new ideas, a great attention to details and an impressive care in all the production processes in order to meet its clients highest expectations in terms of style and quality.

The best result

The focus is PRINTS and all designs are in high resolution from a minimum of 200 dpi to 300 dpi to have very high details and great printing quality.

Low prices and quantities

Silk, Cotton, Linen and Viscose fibres are printed rapidly, at aggressive prices with very low production requirements.

Quality inspection

Relation between Lisa D’Este and its clients is constant with a continuous update on production processes till the quality inspection delegated to the certified and leading company CQT-Qualitex. Each piece comes with its quality report.

This quality control, usually under client responsibility, is fully paid by us.